Friday, August 8, 2008

No longer a fresher!

"That's right! I am no longer a fresher!"

NO more headbands! It is 12:06 AM here on Saturday morning, and I am officially no longer a fresher! Happy day!

Pictures were taken tonight, and I'm sure they will surface on the internet, and I'm sure I will be embarrassed. But it is okay because I am in Australia!

O'Week Conclusion

"I Spent All Me Money!"

It's my new favorite phrase. An Aussie I met here, his name is Mick, used it one day when I asked him how his night was.

"How was your night Mick?"
"Good, but I spent all me money."

So I now use the phrase as much as possible. Some people like me are easily entertained.

As the title of this blog entry says, tonight is the conclusion of O'Week. The tunnel party was exactly as I expected it to be, a party in a tunnel. There were a couple cyclists that were trying to get home through the tunnel of easily 100 people. I felt bad because they actually had to get off their bikes and push through all of the people. We were nice though. I'm fairly sure everyone offered them a drink.

Tuesday night we had a Toga party at the Club that is on campus. It was huge! It wasn't just people that lived on campus. I think people actually came to campus.

Wednesday some buses were chartered for us and we were taken into town to the bar that George Roberts folks use a lot. It's called "The Exchange"

Last night was another party at the campus Club.

And tonight is our last night as "Fresher's." An "Op Shop Party" is apparently what is on the agenda. Now I bet you are wondering what an Op Shop Party is. Well, it's pretty simple. Everyone goes to the Op Shop (thrift store) and buys the most outrageous thing they can find. Then they wear it to the party. My buddy Drew and I picked out each other's costumes. And after seeing what he picked out for me, I'm hoping there won't be many pictures that surface after tonight. I'll leave it at that.

Now I know it sounds like a lot of partying has been going on this week. And that because there has been. But the drinking age is 18 so no laws have been broken. But this is all typical O'Week stuff, and it will tone down after this. "No Worries Mom!"

I went to all my classes this week, and I'm pretty excited about them all. I have the same teacher for two of my classes, which is kinda strange for me. However, the classes are related so it makes sense. Something interesting about Universities over here is that students call their instructor's by their first names. Which is disrespectful back in the States. Overall, this is a very laid-back culture. I'm sure I will blog more about it once I have some more to say about it.

Again, I'm having a blast and I'm looking forward to the rest of the semester!

Monday, August 4, 2008

First Day of Class/I Feel Like I am Joining a Frat

"I can handle this I joined an American Fraternity!"

Well today was the first day of class and my Monday is very insane! I hope I can handle it: I have only one class. Photography. It starts at 1. Then I have what is called a "Practical" for photography which is a lot like a lab. So beginning at 1 PM, I am done by 2:50PM, having finished Photography lecture and practical.

Now onto the good stuff...
This whole week is called O' Week, and there is a large rivalry between the Residence Halls In our Residence Hall (George Roberts Hall) the "Freshies" (Freshmen/New Students) are literally hazed during O'Week. Right now, it is not bad at all. We just have to wear these bright yellow headbands with our names written on them. If we are ever seen on campus without our headbands on, we will get tackled and held down while our names are written on our foreheads. I've seen two people with sharpie on their heads. A couple friends of mine saw a girl get tackled earlier today. I'm so excited to see that happen to someone! Apparently things get harder, but little do they know, I joined an American Fraternity. I can handle this. It's gonna be a cakewalk.

^Sporting the Headband^

Tonight there is a "Tunnel Party" down the road. As the name suggests, we are going to a party in a tunnel. I don't know what to expect. I'm just excited to possibly see someone get their name Sharpied on their forehead. I may try to take some pictures at the party, but I'm not making any promises.

Oh, I almost forgot to write about what the lunch ladies said to me today about my headband. They asked, "Mike! Do you knows what they do to yous if you are cought without the headband?" I answered, "No, what?" Donna then said, "They strip ya naked and tie ya to the dining room floor for our viewing pleasure. Ya better be careful that we don't sneak up and try to slip off ya headband." I thanked her for the warning, and quickly ran to the table to tell my friends what just happened.

This is definitely doing to be an interesting semester!