Monday, August 11, 2008

Cross Country Run and Aussie Barbecue

"They're seriously serious around here!"

That's what I said at 6 'clock in the morning on Saturday morning when we were woken up for the Fischer Shield 5K Cross Country event. Fischer Shield is the name of the events between all the colleges (residence halls) on campus. So our college (George Roberts) had people bang on doors, blow whistles, and even drive a car through the courtyard and blow its horn to wake people up for this event. They don't mess around. Each college gets a certain amount of points for the percentage of their residents that show up. And more points are given by what college gets in first place, but we weren't too worried about that. We just wanted as many people to participate as possible. Most people don't even run the event, they just walk.

^After standing around for half an hour I decided to take a video^

Waking up that early on a Saturday was bad. However, I didn't have to run or walk. I volunteered to work a checkpoint and all I had to do was stand in one spot and make sure people knew which way to run. And I still got participation points for GR. Once the last person walked by, I was picked up in the truck that dropped me off, and was driven back to the starting line. I actually made it back faster than some of the slower people. As Borat would say, "Great success!"

^Standing at my Checkpoint, I decided to take a few photos^

Later that afternoon, my buddy Drew and I went to an Aussie barbecue. Drew met a guy in town named Gavin, and it was his barbecue. There wasn't anything too exotic there; no kangaroo or koala. We just ate steaks and sausages. However, we still had a very good time:

^Gavin on the Barbie^

^Me wearing Gavin's Corona hat^

^Wide shot of the BBQ^

^Drunk Australian who needed a cool down in the cooler^

^I made friends with a blow-up-Australian-flag-kangaroo^

Overall it was a very good day, and I hope to go to several more Aussie BBQs.