Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Spelunking in Jenolan Caves

One of my other Adventures from Sydney was after seeing the Blue Mountains, we went to the Jenolan Caves. I was on a big charter bus like the one for the wine tasting, and I was the only one (from our bus) who did the actual spelunking; where you get down and dirty.

To view the album from the Jenolan Caves CLICK HERE.

Bungy Jump Video

Here it is, you can all now watch the moment where I changed from a boy into a man... enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

I'm getting these postings done while I sit in an Internet Cafe in New Zealand. I'm in the village of Taupo, and yesterday I went Bungy Jumping!

CLICK HERE to view the photos from my Bungy Jump.

There is also a video of the Bungy Jump that I hope to post the next time I can get my computer attached to the internet.

Blue Mountain Adventures

Second, I went to the Blue Mountains, which are located about 2 hours outside Sydney.

CLICK HERE to view the photo album.

The same day, I went to the Jenolan Caves and did some Spelunking. However, I haven't gotten those pictures up yet. They will be soon though!

Wine Tasting in Hunter Valley

I don't/haven't had a lot of time to update the blog here, but I'll do a few postings with the pictures from the different activities I've done.

First, Wine tasting in Hunter Valley
CLICK HERE to view the photo album.